Recovery After Breast Lift Surgery

In the first day or two after a breast lift, your breasts will probably be bruised, swollen and quite painful. This is normal. You can take pain relievers to help deal with this discomfort. While the initial pain typically subsides after a couple of days, your breasts may remain sensitive to touch for a few weeks. During this time, it is wise to avoid any activity that can result in trauma to the breasts. Your surgeon will provide information and advice on when certain activities may be resumed. The skin on your breasts may also feel dry after a breast lift. Ask your surgeon about using a moisturizer.

Sutures placed underneath the skin will dissolve over several months. Sutures placed through the skin usually dissolve within one to two weeks or must be removed by your surgeon.

You will be advised to wear a surgical bra after the procedure. This special bra will help to support the breasts and will keep them firmly in place as they heal. The surgical bra may be used for the first few days after the surgery; a standard bra that is both soft and supportive may be worn after that, but follow your surgeons instructions.

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