Brow Lift Surgery Recovery

You will probably go home the day of your brow lift surgery, after you have recovered from anesthesia. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how to care for your incisions and your face in the days ahead. These instructions will also tell you when you can safely wash your hair. They will also include information on the use of pain relievers and cold compresses to your face. 

Your face will be bruised and swollen for a few days after your brow lift. To reduce swelling, you may be instructed to keep your head elevated for a couple of days and sleep with several pillows. You will probably be asked to return to see your surgeon within a few days of surgery.

Most patients experience minor pain and swelling in the initial days after the brow lift procedure. However, this is minimal and can be eased by taking pain relievers. Your surgeon may give you a prescription for a pain medication. Most patients feel well enough to return to work after about a week.

Full recovery from brow lift surgery takes about 2 weeks. However, you may be instructed to avoid strenuous activity (heavy lifting or extremely active sports) for longer than that. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight for several months after the procedure.

More Recovery Information

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