Brow Lift Risks

All surgery carries some risk. A brow lift is a surgery like any other and comes with the same risks inherent to any surgery. Complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, nerve damage, loss of sensation, asymmetry of the face, and tissue necrosis (areas of dead tissue) can occur as a result of a brow lift.

Another potential side effect of brow lift surgery is loss of hair along the incision lines. This can include loss of the hair on the head or facial hair, such as eyelashes and eyebrows. Rarely is this loss permanent.

You must discuss all the risks involved with your surgeon before scheduling surgery. This will help you weigh the benefits and the risks, and make an informed decision about a brow lift.

One risk that can occur with any cosmetic procedure is that you are unhappy with the results. Talking about how you will look after your surgery with your surgeon can minimize this risk. Your surgeon can discuss what results are reasonable and help you prepare for how you will look after brow lift surgery.

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