Butt Implants Benefits

There are many reasons why people turn to buttock augmentation. Curves are in, and many people inspired by looks of celebrities want to achieve that "perfect Jennifer Lopez butt" look. Some people believe that their derriere is not becoming to them. They feel that it is flat or lacks prominence. A flat butt on either a man or a woman can make clothing appear to be ill-fitted and can detract from an otherwise excellent silhouette. For other people, weight loss or age has left them with a sagging derriere.

In either case, buttock enhancement surgery — which can take the form of fat injections, butt implants or a buttock lift — can give you the silhouette you have always wanted. Improving or correcting a perceived physical flaw can give you a lift in both self-esteem and self-confidence.

A bonus benefit to having fat injections (a Brazilian butt lift or fat grafting) is that the fat is harvested from elsewhere on your body through liposuction, and you end up with that area being smoother and shapelier.

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