Brazilian Butt Lift

The most common type of buttock augmentation procedure is what is known as a Brazilian butt lift. This type of augmentation is also known as fat injection, fat transfer, or fat grafting, and it consists of a combination of liposuction of fat from somewhere else in the body and multiple injections of that fat into the buttocks.

What could be better? You take fat from areas of your body where you dont want it and put it into an area where you do want it. The fat is your own fat that was harvested by liposuction from either around your buttocks or from your abdomen, although it can be taken from elsewhere. The liposuction around the buttocks sounds like it would be counterproductive if you want a larger bottom, but it is done to help the buttocks stand out more and look more prominent.

The whole procedure is not as simple as just removing the fat from one spot and injecting it into another, however. The fat that was removed must be processed and purified before it is reinjected. Only a small percentage of the fat that was removed will remain after these steps are done.

Depending on the amount of augmentation needed, you may need to undergo a great deal of fat injectionsperhaps hundreds. Your surgeon should make the injections at various sites and depths in your buttocks.

The body will probably reabsorb a portion of this transferred fat, but most surgeons say that most of the fat will remain if it was processed correctly, and that the results will be lasting. There is swelling after the procedure, and the full results of your Brazilian butt lift may not be clearly seen until after the swelling goes down in 1 to 3 months.

You should be able to go home a few hours after your procedure and must follow the same restrictions as for liposuction. However, you also need to avoid sitting or lying on the treated area. You will need to sleep on your side or stomach for about 2 weeks or as long as your surgeon says. It is often easier to sleep on your side if you use pillows behind you to prop yourself up. You will also be required to wear a compression garment (something much like a girdle) 24-hours a day for several weeks.

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