Buttock Augmentation Surgery Types

The goal of body contouring is to bring the whole body into a harmonious balance. Although for many people, the buttocks are too large and make the body bottom heavy, there are many who want a larger bottom so that they are balanced and do not look top heavy. They feel that their buttocks are too flat or lack prominence. Buttock augmentation surgery is an option for these people.

For some people, age and gravity have gone to work and what was once a well-shaped bottom has drooped and sagged. People who have lost a great deal of weight may have a backside with a lot of redundant skin that droops in folds. These people could benefit from a buttock lift procedure.

There are several different cosmetic surgery techniques that can give you the well-shaped, firm bottom that you desire. Buttock augmentation surgery adds fullness or roundness, while a lift procedure raises a saggy bottom. The right choice for you depends on what needs to be done, augmentation or lifting, and how much correction you need. The choices include:

Butt implants and a buttock lift are major surgery. A Brazilian butt lift, also known as butt injections, is done with fat grafting, and is less invasive than the other two procedures.

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