Butt Implants

Butt implants are augmentations done by inserting a silicone implant into each buttock. The implants give the buttocks prominence or additional roundness and help balance the figure.

The implants used in buttock augmentation are pieces of solid silicone implants that are round, oval, or tear shaped. They are inserted either under the gluteal muscles of the buttock or under the skin and fascia (muscle sheath) to create a rounded, more prominent derriere. They are generally placed in the top half of each buttock, so that you do not sit directly on them.

Solid Silicone Butt Implants

Unlike breast implants, silicone butt implants are solid. They cannot leak or rupture like breast implants, which are sacks made of silicone elastomer that are filled with either saline or silicone gel. Butt implants come in several shapes and sizes and can also be custom-made.

Although butt implants, unlike silicone breast implants, cannot rupture, they can move out of place due to scarring or trauma. If an implant is displaced, your butt is going to look asymmetrical until the problem is corrected, which must be done surgically.

Butt Implants Incisions

Most butt implants are inserted through a short incision in the crease between your buttocks. Both implants can be inserted through the same incision. Because of the proximity of the incision to the anus, infection of the incision is a serious concern.

Butt Implants Scars

Other sites for the incisions are in the crease under each buttock (the gluteal crease) or, rarely, above the buttock. Scars after butt implants will be visible with either of these incisions, although scars in the gluteal crease should be inconspicuous after healing. The trade off is that these sites are less likely to become infected.

Because of the risk of infection, some cosmetic surgeons prefer to use butt implants only on people who do not have enough body fat for butt enhancement with fat injections, which is also called the Brazilian butt lift.

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