Cheek Implant Recovery

Recovery from cheek augmentation is usually relatively easy. Your cheeks will be stiff and sore and a bit swollen for several days. If your incisions are in your mouth, as they usually are if you have cheek implants without other facial surgery, chewing may be uncomfortable.

To avoid irritating the incisions in your mouth, you may be restricted on what you can eat for several days. Typically, you will also be told to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks. You may also be given a special support bandage to wear at night for a few weeks to keep the cheek implants in their proper location while healing occurs.

You can brush your teeth the day after surgery, but take care to avoid bumping the incision lines with your toothbrush. You may be told to use mouthwash regularly to keep the sutures clean. The sutures will usually dissolve within 10 days, but they should be handled gently while they are present.

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