Chin Augmentation Surgery Recovery

Recovery from chin augmentation varies a bit depending on whether your incisions are under your chin or within your mouth. With either incision placement, chewing and talking may be a bit uncomfortable for a day or so, and you will want to avoid hard-to-chew foods. If your incision is inside your mouth, you may be told to eat soft foods (soups, gelatins, custards) while the incision heals. Whatever you eat, try to avoid irritating the incisions.

You will be able to brush your teeth the day after chin implant surgery, but if the incision was placed in the lower lip, take care to avoid contact with the incision. You may be told to use mouthwash or some other antiseptic regularly to keep intraoral sutures clean during the recovery period. Intraoral sutures will dissolve within 10 days or so, but while they are present, they should be handled gently. If your incision is under your chin, your surgeon will remove the stitches after a few days.

Your chin may be bandaged for several days to keep the implant in the correct location. Your surgeon will give you instructions about bathing and bandaging your face. You will also be told when you can safely return to work and your regular activities.

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