Dental Veneers Before and After Photos and Alternative Treatment Options

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Dental veneers before and after photos help prospective patients evaluate the potential results of veneer treatment. Given the costs associated with cosmetic dentistry, it is important that you thoroughly evaluate all your smile makeover options to determine the best and most economical treatment available.

Depending on what you hope to improve with your smile, porcelain dental veneers may be the ideal esthetic solution. The porcelain or composite tooth shells can help with the correction of chips, cracks, discoloration, spacing abnormalities, worn tooth enamel, etc.

During your veneer consultation, your cosmetic dentist will be able to show you the potential of veneer treatment using before and after photos from previous patients. By viewing cases similar to your own, your dentist can demonstrate the powerful effects of veneer treatment. Technological advances may provide for another method of veneer before and after photos. Your dentist may be able to use a picture of you and digitally alter it to show your projected "after" smile. This technology can be expensive and therefore may not exist in most offices. However, traditional before and after photos of dental veneers should be sufficient in helping you determine a course of treatment.

Teeth Veneer Alternatives: Lumineers, Vivaneers and Other Minimal Prep Veneers

You may not be satisfied with the veneer before and after photos that your dentists shows you. Or, perhaps you are satisfied with the before and afters, but the per tooth cost of veneers is enough to put you off. Regardless of your reasoning, dental veneers may not be the right course of treatment for you. Fortunately, there are alternative options that may yield similar esthetic results for your smile.

A cheaper alternative to traditional dental veneers is a minimal or no preparation veneer option such as Lumineers, Vivaneers or Durathin veneers. These alternative veeners provide similar esthetic benefits to traditional veneers; however, they tend to be less expensive and do not have the same sort of longevity.

Dental crowns may also be an option if your condition calls for more of a restorative treatment as opposed to something purely cosmetic. Dental crowns preserve tooth functionality and replace the issues associated with chips and cracks. Similarly, dental bonding may be a cheaper alternative for consideration in such cases.

In addition, tooth bridges may provide an alternative solution to your damaged or otherwise misshapen teeth. Although the cost of bridges may be less than the cost of veneers per tooth, it also will require the preparation of surrounding teeth to serve as an anchor for the bridge. Essentially, more teeth will potentially require treatment for a dental bridge than for a dental veneer.

If your dentist discusses bridges with you as a treatment alternative to veneers, the dental implant procedure also may be discussed. Although traditional and mini dental implants cost more than almost any other restorative or cosmetic dentistry option, their longevity is unmatched. Assuming of course proper dental hygiene is maintained.

Whether its veneers before and after photos, implant before and after photos, or bridge before and after photos, evaluating the potential results of your treatment can help temper expectations and improve the overall cosmetic dentistry experience.