Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery

You can go home a few hours after your lower eyelid lift surgery. The recovery period for canthoplasty is usually neither long nor difficult. Most patients have stitches removed as early as 2 days after their surgery and most swelling is gone within 2 weeks.

Right after canthopexy surgery, you may experience tightness and discomfort around the treatment area. You may also have some swelling, watering of the eyes, bruising, and eye irritation. Your surgeon will probably prescribe a pain reliever for you. Call your surgeon if the pain becomes severe and does not subside when you use the prescribed pain medications.

You will probably be told to keep your head elevated by sleeping on extra pillows. You should also be instructed about putting cold compresses on your eyes in the hours and days after your under eyelid lift surgery.

As you recover from your canthoplasty surgery, take precautions to avoid injuries to the eye. In the 2 or 3 days after your surgery, try to avoid bending over or picking up heavy objects. You may be given eye drops or ointment to apply to your eyes. Follow your surgeon's instructions for using these.

You might experience some blurriness the day after your surgery or be sensitive to light. You can watch television, read or work at a computer safely, but blurriness may make it difficult.

More Recovery Information

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