Hair Restoration Surgery Options

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There are several types of hair restoration surgery that can give you back a good head of hair. Your choice depends on many factors, including what kind of hair loss you have and how invasive a treatment you are willing to use.

The most successful form of hair restoration is hair transplant surgery. Surgery to transplant hair follicles from the areas of your head where they are plentiful to the areas where they are in short supply has a long track record of success. It is also a procedure that has been continually improved over the past decade, so if you are basing your opinion on results other people had from hair transplants done years ago, think again. Today's hair transplants are performed a few follicles at a time, not with large plugs, and the results can be astonishingly natural.

But hair transplants are not the only type of hair restoration surgery. Some patients may benefit from scalp reduction, a surgery in which the area of bald scalp is reduced by removing a piece. Because the skin is elastic, it can be stretched gently to move hair-bearing scalp up to cover more of your head. This technique is also very beneficial for someone with alopecia areata, who has a bald patch that is not due to normal male or female pattern baldness.

Lastly, there is laser hair restoration. Actually, laser hair restoration is a slight misnomer, since some feel that it doesnt restore hair so much as it stops hair loss and promotes healthier hair growth. A laser is applied to the scalp which stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicles, energizing the hair, and promoting hair growth.

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