Lip Augmentation Risks and Complications

Lip augmentation risks are usually not serious and are rare. In general, the inherent risks are largely dependent on the type of filler material used. With all types of lip enhancement, there is the risk of infection, but this is low and usually easily treatable.

One risk with lip injections of filler is an allergic reaction. For this reason, your surgeon may test a sample of the material on your arm several days or weeks before your procedure. If an allergic reaction such as redness or hives occurs at the test site, another type of filler should be used or you should reconsider the procedure. This lip implant risk usually takes the form of prolonged swelling and redness.

Inserting a synthetic implant may result in infections or irritation. Fortunately, synthetic implants can be removed at any time. If the body rejects the implant, it may push the implant out of the body, a process called extrusion.

Lip lifts or lip reduction carry the same risks as other types of surgery, such as infection or excessive bleeding.

A possible serious lip augmentation risk is that you are unhappy with the results. The first few weeks after lip injections may leave you looking as if you have been stung by bees. Some of this swelling resolves, and you can see the true results of the procedure. Some types of lip augmentation are not permanent, which means that you can just wait until the poor result goes away. However, lumps or an asymmetrical look can occur and will sometimes last for many weeks. You can reduce the risk of being unhappy with your results by carefully discussing how you want to look with your surgeon.

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