Male Face Lift Risks

Although complications are very rare, a face lift is surgery and should not be entered into lightly. The most common complications for a male rhytidectomy are due to bleeding problems. Although rare, it is possible to bleed extensively postoperatively, and this could require another surgery to control the bleeding and drain the collected blood. An interrupted blood supply to a portion of tissue can result in tissue death (necrosis), which can be serious.

Loss of sensitivity is another complication of a face lift, although it is usually temporary. Permanent loss of sensation in the cheek or chin area can happen.

Nerve injury is rare and occurs in only a tiny percentage of face lifts, but damage to a facial nerve can lead to paralysis of part of the face.

Excessive, or hypertrophic, scarring can occur, which can be a problem in a man since men often do not like to use camouflaging cosmetics.

Another rare, but potential side effect of a male face lift surgery is hair loss, or alopecia, which can occur along the incision lines. Alopecia may also include loss of facial hair such as eyelashes and eyebrows.

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