Face Lift Types for Men

A face is a face, and a lift is a lift – right? Well, no, not exactly – at least not when one face is female and the other is male. The goal is the same, but when it comes to a face lift for men, the approach will vary.

There are some innate differences between male and female faces that mean they will react differently to a face lift. Take scars, for example. While women can use makeup to cover up their scars, men generally do not, so plastic surgeons will often try to hide face lift incisions within the hairline when performing a face lift for men. But if that hairline is receding (or if it recedes at some point postsurgically), that may be a difficult task.

Other areas that surgeons use to camouflage scars are along the natural crease where the ear meets the side of the face, around the earlobe, and in the lower scalp area under the hair. Also, since facial skin is pulled back behind the ears during some face lifts, the surgeon must carefully determine which way a man's beard grows or the patient may end up shaving behind his ears.

Other differences when it comes to a face lift for men include the fact that male facial skin is thicker than and has a richer blood supply than female facial skin. This means that men have a greater risk of excessive bleeding and of forming a hematoma (a pool of blood under the skin) than women do. Men often have more sun damage to their skin, which may prompt the surgeon to suggest additional skin resurfacing procedures.

That said, men have the same types of face lifts and the same surgical techniques to choose from that women have. Some improve the overall appearance of the face, while others zero in on specific areas, like the mid-face. A good plastic surgeon will choose the variation or combination that best suits your needs and desires, so it's important to be up front with him or her about what you want.

The bottom line is that both men and women want to look better after their face lift. For men, that often means sharper, more masculine, younger and energetic, and rested as well.

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