Ear Surgery Risks

As with all types of surgery, there are risks to otoplasty. There is the possibility of infection and excessive bleeding. A blood clot can form in the ear or the incision. If the clot is small, it may resolve on its own. A larger clot may need to be removed by the surgeon, usually by drawing it out with a syringe. If the cartilage of the ear becomes infected, it can cause scar tissue to form. Usually, infections after otoplasty are treated with antibiotics, but a serious infection in the ear may need to be drained.

Additional risks for otoplasty include excessive scarring or numbness. Both of these complications are rare.

There is also the possibility of dissatisfaction with the otoplasty results. The ears may not be symmetrical after cosmetic ear surgery, but unless the asymmetry is serious, it is rarely noticeable.

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