Male Breast Enlargement Recovery

You have to allow time for proper healing after pectoral implants. There may be a significant amount of physical discomfort in the first 48 hours after the procedure. However, prescribed pain medications should help you deal with this. 

Bandages are usually removed within the first week, and you will probably be advised to wear a compression garment on your chest. This garment can help you heal properly and can make you more comfortable. It also reduces the risk of pectoral implants moving out of place. You should wear this garment as prescribed by the surgeon. 

Stitches will likely be removed after about 10 days. Swelling may persist for 3 to 5 weeks after male breast enlargement surgery and can last for a few months. Most men are able to return to their jobs within a few days after surgery, but you should avoid picking up heavy objects or strenuous exercise for a few weeks, or as directed by your surgeon.

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