Male Breast Enlargement Types

Male breast enlargement generally involves pectoral implants, which are used to cosmetically increase and enhance a man's chest size and shape. They can also be used to correct congenital defects as well as defects resulting from an injury or disease, such as breast cancer, where the patient may benefit from male breast enlargement. Pectoral implants can be used singly or as a pair, depending on the needs of the patient.

Implants are inserted surgically under the pectoral (chest) muscle to avoid the appearance of a distinct ridge and to help hide the implant under the muscle tissue. The implants shape, enlarge and firm the upper chest, defining the area and provide a natural appearance and feel when the chest muscles are relaxed or flexed.

Pectoral implants are constructed of medical grade solid silicone, which has been safely and widely used for medical purposes, including pacemakers and other devices, for decades. Pliable yet firm, silicone pectoral implants for men are very different from breast implants used for female breast augmentation, which are pouches made of silicone elastomer, a rubbery substance, that are filled with either sterile saline (salt water) or silicone gel. Being solid, pectoral implants cannot leak or rupture, as breast implants occasionally do.

Pectoral implants are manufactured in a variety of stock sizes and shapes, or they can be custom made by the manufacturer from a mold of each individual pectoral muscle. They may be clear, opaque, or white in color. Patients are measured and fitted for implant size during their preoperative visit. In male breast enlargement, the size of the implant is determined by the length and size of the patient's pectoral muscle.

The implants mimic the natural shape of a well-developed pectoral muscle. For some men, the implants are cosmetic additions to their bodies, a way to carve out the pecs they haven't been able to create through exercise and weightlifting. However, men with defects of the chest muscles or rib cage choose them to create balance out of asymmetry. Pectoral implants are also used to provide definition in men who have had surgery to correct gynecomastia (enlarge male breasts) and/or liposuction.

In case of a complication or a change of heart, removal of pectoral implants is relatively simple. The surgery is performed through the same incision used to insert the implants, and recovery is usually quicker than it was after the original surgery.

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