Recovery From Penis Enlargement Surgery

A patient will typically spend one night in the hospital after penile implant surgery. It is important to take antibiotics as prescribed by your surgeon during penis surgery recovery to prevent infection, which is the most common postsurgical complication. Report any pain that seems out of the ordinary or any other problems you may have to your surgeon.

Loose-fitting underwear and clothing are recommended during the penis enlargement recovery period. Men with an inflatable implant need to make sure that the scrotal pump is supported so that it stays in place during healing.

Pain after penile prosthesis implantation is managed early on with oral narcotic painkillers, during which time driving is prohibited. Diminishing pain may last for about 4 weeks. Limiting physical activity while pain is present helps it to resolve more quickly.

Most men can resume strenuous physical activity about a month after surgery, They are often instructed to resume sexual activity a month after surgery, but that may be delayed if pain and tenderness are still a problem.

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