Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery

The primary benefit of cosmetic penis enlargement surgery is psychological. Men who think they have a small penis are convinced that a bigger penis will make them more masculine or a better lover. For them, surgery could result in a boost in self esteem.

Men who undergo penile implant surgery for erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronies disease can benefit psychologically and physically by being able to achieve an erection. While implants are the most invasive (and least chosen) treatment for ED, they also have a very high satisfaction rate, reportedly as high as 75%. Men with Peyronies disease report slightly lower satisfaction rates.

As with any elective surgery, you should seriously and honestly examine your reasons for wanting the surgery. Separate the psychological issues from the physical, and then decide whether the very real risks outweigh the potential benefits.

If penile enhancement surgery is still attractive to you, seek out an experienced, board-certified surgeon to perform the operation. The surgeon should be willing to share before-and-after pictures of successful operations he or she has performed, and be able to give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from surgery. Go to the consultation prepared to ask questions about the procedure, how to prepare for it, what to expect in the way of recovery time, and so on. As always, be sure you are well informed before agreeing to any surgery.

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