Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Diode Laser Hair Removal Overview

Next to an intense pulsed light laser, the diode laser is often recognized as the second-most universal and useful piece of laser hair removal equipment. Diode lasers also include several different models and feature longer light wavelengths, enabling light to penetrate deeper into the skin without risking any epidermal damage. In simple terms, this means that the diode laser can be used more effectively on darker skin colors than any other laser hair removal system. People with very dark skin tones -those who would not normally even be candidates for laser hair removal - can still benefit from laser hair removal procedures done with a diode laser.

Diode Lasers Can Be Effective on Very Dark-Pigmented People

The effectiveness of laser hair removal is directly related to skin types. Leading dermatologists recognize six different skin types. Variables usually include general skin color and how a person reacts to sun exposure. Using a scale that goes from lightest to darkest, here is a quick look at each of those varying skin types:

  • Skin Type #1 – white skin; burns in the sun, never tans
  • Skin Type #2 – white skin; burns in the sun, tans minimally
  • Skin Type #3 – white skin; tans in the sun, burns minimally
  • Skin Type #4 – light brown skin; tans in the sun, burns minimally
  • Skin Type #5 – brown skin; tans in the sun, rarely burns
  • Skin Type #6 – dark brown or black skin; tans in the sun, does not burn

To look at this from a treatment perspective, skin type #1 is by far the easiest to treat using any laser hair removal method such Alexandrite Laser or Ruby Laser. As the numbers get higher, hair removal using any common methods becomes increasingly more difficult. And while there can be exceptions, the darkest body hair is easiest to remove from the lightest skin tone. Therefore, the best candidate for laser hair removal is a person with jet-black hair and a pale complexion. This combination is clearly the exception in the human population, not the rule. The majority of dark-haired people tend to have darker skin tones. Therefore, inventions like the diode laser make it possible for skin types 4 through 6 at least to consider laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal technology has been evolving for about 15 years, but it is only in the last ten years that people with skin type 4 have become legitimate candidates for removing unwanted body hair. Those with skin type 5 or 6 would be considered "off the charts" and not legitimate laser hair removal candidates were it not for the invention of the diode laser.

While the diode laser is the latest invention to remove unwanted hair, this method of laser hair removal is not without its drawbacks. Since the diode laser is so new, there are virtually no data available on it. As a result, while leading dermatologists may ultimately recommend it among the top laser light hair removal methods, for now it is considered untested. There is, however, a growing consensus in the laser hair removal industry that the diode laser will eventually become the leading overall machine to treat all different skin types.

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