Intense Pulsed Light Laser Hair Removal

Pulsed Light Laser Hair Removal Overview

Intense pulsed light (IPL) laser hair removal methods have a proven track record of success. These safe and effective light therapies have become the standard for treating the cosmetic needs of thousands of people for more than ten years. The intense pulsed light method is known to deliver the widest range of light among all laser hair removal equipment.

General laser hair removal involves concentrating light energy in the hair follicle. Intense pulsed light laser hair removal can accomplish this at varying speeds. The more varying light speeds that exist, the more effective and long-lasting the laser hair removal treatment will be. Light speed, in terms of laser hair removal, also means the client can have more hair removed in a shorter amount of time — with extremely limited discomfort and virtually no pain.

Types of Intense Pulsed Light Machines

There are a number of different intense pulsed light machines currently on the market, each specially designed for treating a specific type of condition or unwanted problem. There are, for example, PhotoDerm machines, best suited for treating conditions like rosacea, a common skin ailment characterized by redness, pimples and broken blood vessels. EpiLight machines, on the other hand, were developed specifically to treat unwanted hair. The first EpiLight machine was introduced more than ten years ago and has since become the standard intense pulsed light laser hair removal method. EpiLight machines can now remove hair from a person's entire back in under 30 minutes — with limited discomfort and effective, long-term results.

The EpiLight machine works on the same general principle as all laser hair removal methods. The light therapy removes the unwanted hair but leaves the surrounding skin unchanged. The difference is that advanced pulsed light hair removal machines, like the EpiLight, feature a large number of additional settings for laser hair removal. The more options a qualified doctor has for laser hair removal, the longer-lasting the results can be for the client.

Certain physicians will argue, however, that more advanced intense pulsed light machines are only as effective as the operator. So make certain that the dermatologist you choose is highly skilled with all state-of-the art laser hair intense pulsed light machines. Most qualified dermatologists who specialize in laser hair removal are well-skilled in all modern laser hair removal methods.

Does Pulsed Light Hair Removal Work?

While laser hair removal is not recommended for everyone — especially those with skin tones actually darker than their corresponding hair color — the procedure has a very high rate of success. Generally, patients with fair skin and dark hair enjoy the best results, but doctors continue to show increased confidence in intense pulsed light laser hair removal methods — with parts of the body featuring the densest areas of hair yielding the best results. The following analogy may help in understanding how intense pulsed light laser therapy is most effective: Most qualified dermatologists would rather treat the darkest-skinned patient who is at his/her lightest complexion than treat a light-skinned patient who has recently become tanned.

Side effects of using intense pulsed light for hair removal may involve a temporary change of skin color — a lightening or darkening — that could last for several weeks or even months. This side effect, however, has been known to occur in a very small percentage of patients.

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