Facial Exercises as Natural Face Lift


Natalia Casas, Staff Writer

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January 28 2008

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Although it's impossible to stop, the aging process of the face can be delayed if you take the appropriate measures. Good nutrition, along with a healthy lifestyle and routine facial exercises, can help anyone in the battle against wrinkles. The proper exercises, done regularly, help tighten elongated muscles, giving the face a "lifted" look because it regains its contour and firmness.

Facial exercises are an easy, inexpensive technique to keep the skin of the face tight and smooth. The problem is, people don't think about facial muscle exercising when they're young, and after years of neglecting the skin, most people wake up one day to a saggy, wrinkly face. At that point, a face lift may be the key to regaining the youthful, fresh look.

Face lift surgery is the most widely recommended way to eliminate or minimize wrinkles and correct a jowly look. When jowls start to appear around the middle and lower face, face lift surgery is often the way to go. But what happens when the signs of aging are still minimal? Are there ways to get a natural face lift without the potential hazards of surgery?

Nonsurgical Face Lifts
The prayers of those who dread surgery have been answered by modern medicine and technology. Along with natural methods, such as masks, facial exercises and creams, nonsurgical face lift procedures are also available, and all of them offer great benefits to patients who are not willing to go under the knife.

Nonsurgical face lift options are often less invasive and less expensive, and they require less recovery time than a face lift procedure. Another benefit of these procedures is the lower risks of complications they have, as compared to the surgical option. People can simply talk to a board-certified surgeon about all of the available options and then choose the one that fits their budget and individual needs.

The less-expensive nonsurgical face lifts include chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and a variety of face lift creams with concentrated solutions that indeed enhance the appearance of the skin and help reduce and delay the signs of aging. The market is full of options for people who want to take measures at home and try a natural face lift before taking a more radical approach.

Face Lifts Without Surgery
Collagen and Botox® Cosmetic injections are the most popular nonsurgical face lift procedures in America. Botox® injections relax the muscles in the area of choice, to smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Similar results can be obtained with injections of collagen (a natural protein found in the skin) and other dermal fillings such as hyaluronic acid compound (another component found in the body).

Technology has also developed new ways to obtain a face lift without surgery. The laser face lift is an innovative way to tighten the outer layers of the skin and offer a rejuvenated look without any cutting, scarring or anesthesia. Along with the laser, heat and electricity have been put to work in the name of ageless skin. With the microcurrent technique, electric currents are applied to the face to stimulate a natural cellular reaction. Heat is the major component of a treatment called Thermage®. The heat stimulates collagen growth to reduce the signs of skin laxity and wrinkles.

All of these choices can help refresh and rejuvenate the skin of your face, but none of them make wrinkles disappear forever. Even after face lift surgery, it's necessary to perform different facial muscle exercises as a means to prevent future sagging and jowliness. With a little discipline, some help from nature and, of course, a boost from modern medicine with nonsurgical face lifts, there will be more happy and wrinkle-free faces all over the world for years to come.