The Real Faces Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Today


Marianne Campolongo, Staff Writer

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November 28 2007

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Cosmetic Surgery Not Just for the Rich and Famous Anymore

You may not be aware, but you see the true faces of plastic surgery every day. They are everyday people who work as sales associates, case managers, clerks, and at the mall. They're Navy wives or in the service themselves. They live in Cincinnati, OH, Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, TX, and Anytown, USA. 

These are the real faces of plastic surgery. Folks just like you: real men and women who work 9-to-5 to feed and clothe their children. Real people who want to look their best and who never thought they could afford a cosmetic surgery makeover like the rich and famous. 

People like Sherri, a 41-year-old student from Ridgefield, CT, are the true faces of cosmetic surgery. They describe themselves as "average Americans" grateful for "a chance to improve their self-image." Sherri is just one of the thousands of people discovering that the cosmetic surgery makeovers they've dreamed of are within reach. 

According to plastic surgery statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), in 2005 "71% of people considering plastic surgery had annual household incomes of less than $60,000." In fact, the average household income of roughly a third of those considering plastic surgery was below $30,000.

Financing Makes Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Affordable

Cosmetic surgery can be costly. Fortunately, plastic surgery financing is helping more people fine-tune their faces and bodies sooner and more affordably than they imagined. In fact, more than 11 million Americans had cosmetic procedures in 2006, up 48% from 2000! 

Cosmetic Surgery: Not Just East Coast Socialites and Celebrities

For years, cosmetic surgery was viewed as a luxury enjoyed by wealthy New Yorkers, Hollywood types, and socialites. Truth is plastic surgery statistics from American Society of Plastic Surgeons, show that people from the Mid-West and the South made up more than half the people having cosmetic surgery in 2006. 

The experience that Sherri, our friend from Connecticut, shared with, shows how much our attitudes about cosmetic surgery are changing: "My family and friends are so impressed with the change in my demeanor that they are considering surgery themselves! The ironic part is that many of them were against it to begin with." 

Cosmetic surgery is becoming as mainstream as Mom and apple pie—maybe more so: Who has time to bake these days? Looking good is more than a passing fad. Most Americans agree that cosmetic plastic surgery is an acceptable way to improve the bodies we were born with. Now, with the growth of plastic surgery financing, it is most likely within your reach. 

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