Rhinoplasty Recovery

Most rhinoplasty procedures are done as same-day surgery, where you go home the same day as your operation. You will need someone to drive you home. Go home and go to bed, but sleep with your head elevated. You might choose to sleep in a recliner, if this is more comfortable.

Expect your face to feel sore and tight for a few days after your surgery. Your sinuses may feel like they are stuffed and you will have a bad headache. If your surgeon has given you a prescription for pain medication, make sure you fill the prescription so it's available when you need it.

It is not uncommon to swallow blood during a rhinoplasty. This makes some people feel nauseated and ill after surgery. You may vomit up a black substance made of blood and stomach acid. This is unpleasant, but normal.

You will be bruised looking and swollen after your surgery and there is no getting around that. The swelling and bruising should subside after a few days. It is not unusual for people who have had a nose job to sport two black eyes. Cold compresses around the nose can help, but some surgeons do not recommend them, so do this only after consulting your physician.

Depending on the type of procedure being done, you may have gauze packed into your nose. You may also have a cast on the bridge of your nose. Packing is usually removed at the first postoperative visit to your doctor. The cast, if there is one, is usually kept on for week.

Sutures will either be absorbed into the body or are removed by the surgeon within a week or so.

In the days and weeks after your procedure, avoid hitting your nose, both because it will be horrendously painful and because it could undo some of the effects of surgery.

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