Types of Rhinoplasty Techniques

There are several different types of rhinoplasty procedures. Although a nose job is often completely cosmetic — done strictly to improve appearance — it can be also be done to improve breathing by helping open up the breathing passages with no change to the outward appearance of the nose and or it can improve the shape of the nose and its function simultaneously.

One type of rhinoplasty done to improve airflow through the nose is septoplasty. Septoplasty is surgery to reshape the septum, which is the vertical wall of bone and cartilage between the two nostrils, Often, fixing a deviated, or crooked, septum can ease breathing problems caused by blockages. A deviated septum can also be the root cause of a crooked nose, so septoplasty can have both cosmetic and reconstructive aspects.

A tiplasty is the procedure to reshape the tip of the nose. This technique normally only involves reshaping the cartilage of the nose tip .

All three of these types of nose job — rhinoplasty, tiplasty, and septoplasty — can be performed together.

The main two categories of rhinoplasty are differentiated based on whether the incisions are outside the nose or inside the nostrils.


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