Information on Reverse Abdominoplasty

A reverse abdominoplasty is one type of a tummy tuck. It also removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen like a regular tummy tuck, but it removes it in the area above the navel. Instead of loosening the abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue and pulling it downward before removing the excess, a reverse abdominoplasty pulls it upward.

In a reverse abdominoplasty, an incision shaped like a very shallow inverted V is made along the crease underneath the breasts. The skin of the abdomen is separated from the underlying tissue and is pulled upwards. Excess skin is removed and the skin is redraped.

If the skin is loosened to below the navel, an incision is made around the navel to release it. After the skin is pulled upward, a short incision is made in the skin around where it will be sutured to the navel. Excess fat can also be removed from the abdomen and the muscles of the abdomen repaired if needed, as in a regular abdominoplasty.

Reverse abdominoplasty is a relatively uncommon procedure. However, it can be a good choice for patients who want an abdominoplasty in conjunction with breast reduction or mastopexy (breast lift). These procedures involve incisions just below the breasts, so the surgeon is essentially taking advantage of those incisions and performing the tummy tuck from above rather than subject the patient to a second long incision across the abdomen.

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